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Buying a case of wine has traditionally been seen as something stuck in the world of an Agatha Christie novel, where there is a cellar to keep the wine and a butler to serve it to you. Of course, they always start with a murder and end with a room full of people listening to the discussion of the crime. Thankfully nowadays a murder, a posh country house and lots of lace does not have to be involved when buying a case of wine. It is something that anyone can take the pleasure of.

As wine is increasingly becoming the drink of choice by many people across the country, buying a case of quality wine is not only the way of the rich anymore. Wine is available to all people, as it has been in the rest of Europe for as long as anyone can recall.

When it comes to buying a case of wine, there are lots of things to take into consideration. Probably the first thing is to decide what sort of case of wine you wish to buy. Do you want a mixed case? That is one containing both red and white wine. Or do you want a case that contains white wine only? Or red wine only? Or do you want a case of Champagne. The latter is probably for those of you who are giving a fabulous party or stocking up for a special occasion, but it is relevant as it shows that whatever type of wine you want to buy, the possibilities are endless.

You can of course look around the supermarket and select 12 bottles of wine. But one of the best ways is to get the wine delivered directly to your door, with the least hassle possible, and is to buy online at an independent wine retailer. You will find pages of ready mixed cases with tasting notes about all the wines included in the case. These are great to start off with, especially if you have limited wine knowledge and would like to try some different kinds of wine so that you can establish which wines you like best. There are cases of all white or all red wines, cases from specific countries and of course, the ability to choose 12 wines yourself. These are then all boxed up and delivered direct to your door, saving you the problem of carrying bottles of wine across the city.

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