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THE SUN IS SHINING!!!!! And hopefully it’s here to stay!

Don’t we all want to look amazing in our bikinis and shorts this year?? Then you’d better get your bums to my boot camps starting on Tuesday 30th April to get that summer body in shape.

Alternatively get in some personal training sessions for workouts specifically tailored to your requirements.

Have a lovely weekend :)

Too many Easter eggs this weekend?? Lets make sure we’re training extra hard this week to make up for it!!

If you’d like a new, fresh approach to training come and try a FREE 30 minute taster session and see what you could be doing instead!

If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you!

This is so important. I constantly see people, ladies especially unfortunately, doing countless of reps of bicep curls, tricep extensions etc etc using 1 and 2kg dumbbells. Can’t quite get my head around what they think that is going to achieve but I’m assuming they think it will help with the bingo wings and all.

I can safely say that if you can do more than 15-20 reps, then the weight is no where near heavy enough!! My clients have surprised themselves and sometimes even me with how much they can actually lift.

In order to make changes to your body, you need to continuously push yourself. Only when your body can’t cope with the demands placed on it, does it then adapt.


The sun has been shining, summer isn’t far away. Lets get a start on sculpting the best beach body you’ve ever had! Only £20 per session and discounts for students and block bookings!!

A block of 10 1:1 training sessions with an initial consultation and health check and personalised diet plan for £120.
The usual cost for this type of package would be £245 if done separately so you will be saving over 50%.