Eye Make-up Remover

This is perhaps the most undermined, but yet vital parts of skin care regimens. Eye make up removers are especially formulated to dissolve intense residual pigments of eye make up that dont get removed by regular cleansers. The area around the eyes is very fragile. You need a special remover to deal with this fact.

You can use a fine Night Eye Cream to soothe the gentle areas around the eyes and nourish them well every night.

Lip Balm

A beauty kit should have a lip balm that heals and repairs your lips. In fact, lip balms are more important to have in your beauty kit than lipsticks. Chapped lips worsen with lipsticks and it is only a lip balm that can make it right. Choose a lip balm that contains ingredients like olive oil, vitamins and have the fragrance of mint, lime etc. Lip balms protect the lips against sun damage, dryness and chapping. Many lip balms now have an SPF rating as well.

No beauty kit is fully complete without a sunscreen. Choose a sunscreen that is especially tailored for your skin type and has a high SPF content. Make sure you apply sunscreen daily no matter what the season may be. Harmful rays go through clouds and exist even in winter. Make sure to apply it at least 15 minutes before you venture out and reapply as and when required.

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