What is Koupons?

Koupons was created to give people great deals on the most special treats they can share with their friends and family. It utilizes the power of social media and word of mouth to feature great local businesses that offer the best in dining, activities, and pampering. Koupons offers you one deal every day, featuring a local business in your city for a full 24 hours. The featured business promotes their top product or service at their best discount possible.

What kind of deals?

You really should check Koupons every morning to see what the daily deal is. It could be anything from a night club to a spa treatment, or season tickets for a football game, or even a bouquet of flowers. With all the restaurants featured on Koupons you won’t want to plan a night out without checking here first!


What’s the catch?

In order to nail down the best possible deals, we promise each business a minimum number of customers.  Let’s say, for example, 100 customers is our goal.  When 100 customers commit to purchasing a voucher, the deal is on!  Each person’s card is charged for the amount of the deal, and each person receives a printable voucher in their email inbox that they can take to the business and use to make a purchase the day after the deal closes.


Why does my order say “Your order is currently being processed.”?

All orders are processed as soon as the deal is over (midnight).  If you purchase a deal on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, your order is processed Sunday at midnight and Monday morning you receive an email telling you that your voucher is ready to print!


Do I have to sign up a whole lot of  people to get the deal?

No.  We have thousands of members, all ready to jump on the deal of the day.  That said , the more the merrier!  We think you should treat  your friends, too, simply because it’s too cool to keep all to yourself.  Tell all your friends on Facebook!  Tweet the deal on Twitter!!  Each person that buys a voucher gets us that much closer to achieving our target .  That’s where the “Together We Can Save” comes in!  We’re more than just a place to find great deals; we’re building a great  community together.  Make your positive comments known on our discussion board!  Your feedback is important to us.

How do I get “Today’s Deal”?

Just click on the “BUY NOW!” button before the deal ends at midnight.  If the minimum number of people sign up, we’ll charge your card and send you a link to print your voucher the next morning. If not enough people join, no one gets to buy  it, and you won’t be charged at all. But why miss out? Tell all your friends about it  to make sure you get the deal!

What if “Today’s Deal” doesn’t reach the required number of purchasers?

If enough people don’t sign up, then the deal is off , and you won’t be charged. So if you really want the deal, be sure to tell everyone you’ve ever met! Call them! Facebook them! Tweet them! You don’t want to miss out on a deal because we were one person short of reaching our target.


Am I able to use my voucher the same day that I purchase them?

The earliest you can use the voucher is the day after the deal ends.


Do I need to use my voucher the same day I buy it?

No. You have until the expiry date, which is usually between three to six months unless specifically stated otherwise.


I bought a voucher…how do I use it?

Once you’ve been charged, you’ll receive an email with a link to print your voucher.  The voucher has redemption instructions printed on it.


I haven’t received your activation or any other emails, what do I do?

To ensure you get all our emails, you’ll need to add us to your preferred senders list.  Click here to learn how to learn how to “White List” Koupons in your email.


Can I buy an Koupons Voucher as a gift for someone else?

Yes! Unless the offer specifically states otherwise, all of our vouchers can be gifted. All the businesses we feature are aware of this.


Wait a second, my name is on the voucher. Are you sure I can send this to someone else as a gift?

Yes, we’re sure. The voucher will match up to a serial number on the business owner’s checklist.


If I don’t use the full value of the voucher in one visit, can I send this to someone else as a gift?

No. Unless stated otherwise, you do not receive store credit or cash back for whatever you don’t use.  Bring a friend along!


Can I combine my offer with other offers or specials?

No, not unless the day’s deal specifically tells you otherwise.


Am I billed as soon as I join Koupons ?

No. You are only charged when the deal you bidded on reaches the required minimum and after the deal closes.  You will be able to cancel or change your order all the way up until the deal is over.


I’m worried about entering  my credit card number.  Is Koupons safe?

Extremely. Your credit card number is transmitted  directly to a secure electronic vault for processing. Your credit card information is never stored on our servers.


Can I return an Koupons voucher?

Returns are dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Within the limits of reason, we’ll do what it takes to make you happy. Unless there is something wrong with the purchase, we are generally unable to offer refunds after 24 hours from the purchase date. If you’d like to discuss returning a voucher that you purchased, email, or call us at 0800 980 2207.


What if the business closes down?

If anything happens that makes it impossible to redeem your voucher, we’ll make sure you get your money back.


I just sent a referral to a friend..now what?

If your friend makes their first Koupons purchase within 72 hours from the time they click on the referral link you send them, we’ll send you an email to tell you that we’ve put £5 worth of credit in your account.


What if the person I refer subscribes to the site, but doesn’t make a purchase right away?

If someone you refer subscribes within 72 hours, you’ll receive a £5 credit whenever they make their first purchase.


Can I refer as many people as I want?

Yes! We’re building a community, so feel free to pass on to all your friends. Together, we can save!


I received referral codes from more than one friend…do they all get rewarded?

No. Only the last code you click on before making your first purchase will bring a reward for the person who sent it to you. You’ll just have to pick your favorite friend.


When will I receive my referral credit? I have referred people who have bought the deal, but I still do not see the credit in my account.

Your account will be credited shortly after offer ends.


When do I pay for the tax and gratuity? The Rules section of the deal says it is not included in the voucher.

Please pay the tax and gratuity on the full price when you redeem your voucher.

I noticed that you have other cities on your site. When will you be launching in my city?

We are expanding to more cities soon, so please register your email for your city and get the latest bulletins.

Where is Koupons based?

IndulgeSocial is based in beautiful Leeds,  Yorkshire. Just across the Pennines from Manchester.With its diverse array of nightlife, fabulous shopping – including Harvey Nichols and the Victoria Quarter for designer brands alongside beautiful people – not to mention its close proximity to the picturesque Yorkshire Dales.