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There is no doubt about it people love to eat. But there is nothing inherently wrong with that fact. After all, we have to eat to live. Sometimes, though, people end up snacking themselves to death. It’s all too easy to have a few of these and a few of those, and before you know it, find that you have packed on more than a few pounds as a result. Just as it’s okay to eat regular meals, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with eating snacks. In fact, eating a snack food between meals can be a great way to prevent overindulging at mealtime.

Eating breakfast at home is the best weight control for an office worker. Your body needs food to start the day, and without breakfast your metabolism will be off all day. Eating breakfast before work does not mean ordering two donuts at the local coffee shop drive-thru. It could mean rising earlier to prepare a healthy breakfast. If you skip breakfast, you will be more likely to indulge in the closest food available

Snacks to Avoid

If youre trying to trim down or add some muscle to your physique, what you eat on a regular basis is incredibly important. All of your meals must have the right balance of nutrients, and you need to avoid excess as much as possible. Having a good eating plan does not mean that you should avoid between-meal snacks. It just means that when you do snack, you should choose a

Snacks don’t have to be sugar-filled and lack nutrition to be tasty. You can easily satisfy your child’s (or your) need for a mid-morning or afternoon boost with a nutritious munchie.

Before you can start the process of adding healthy foods to your diet, it helps to know some of the common treats that you should avoid when possible. Here are some of the most popular snack foods that should not be a part of your regular diet.

Potato Chips

Potato chips, especially those that are fried and overly salted, should be avoided at all costs. They’re not a healthy snack food, but they seem to show up everywhere. Avoid them as much as you can.

Cookies – Most cookies, except for the-food varieties, are filled with empty calories. They’re delicious, and having one from time to time can be a great treat, but don’t partake of them on a regular basis if you take and fitness levels seriously.

Candy – There are not many candies that have any kind of redeeming value, other than tasting good. Candy is pretty much solid sugar and it’s not going to do you any favours when it comes to shedding excess weight. Dont put the kids Halloween or Easter candy in your lunch box or youll be working overtime in the gym to lose the extra pounds that accompany these treats.

Of course, there are also other popular snacks to avoid. One good rule of thumb is to keep in mind that a healthy snack food is never going to coat your fingers with an orange resin. There are so many cheesy snacks out there that are utterly worthless when it comes to nutrition, and they need to be avoided if you want to stay in optimal health and on track with your fitness goals.

Why Are These Snacks so Bad?

The bottom line with most of the snack foods mentioned is that they are pretty much loaded with calories and have very few useful nutrients.

Snacks to Include in Your Diet

But the news is not all bad when it comes to snacks. As you know by now, having a healthy snack food between meals is important to your fitness goals. The real challenge is determining whether or not a food is healthy. You’ll have to pay close attention to food labels and avoid processed foods that are high in sodium, fats, and sugary complex carbohydrates. Whenever possible, eat whole foods as a snack. Fruits, vegetables, foods high in fiber, and foods containing lots of lean protein are great snacks.

Here are some ideas for healthy snack foods:

Bananas – There is no food easier to carry around and eat on the fly. Bananas are loaded with vitamins and potassium. They are super-healthy and even come in their own, natural wrapper.

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First, avoid all products with any amount of trans fat.Trans fat can’t be metabolized in the human body. Even if the nutrition label states no trans fat, check the ingredients to see if the word, “hydrogenated” is listed. That’s a trans fat.

Tuna – For high-quality, from a natural source, tuna fish cant be beat. Its best to buy the kind that is packed in spring water. You can even buy tuna in easy to carry packs for a great snack or meal on the go.

Protein shakes and meal replacements when your body needs an extra burst of protein, vitamins, and minerals, supplements such as protein shakes are an awesome, healthy food to have on hand. Simply add a little water and shake up the mix for a healthy snack in seconds.

These are just a few ideas for healthy snack foods to add to your regular diet rotation. A good snack food is one that has vitamins, minerals, fiber, and protein. Not every food will have all these things, so do everything you can to add these nutrients the snacks you eat. Youll feel better and be able to reach your fitness goals quicker when your snacks and regular meals are composed of these types of foods.

Dont Give Up Your Snacks

Also, keep sugars to a minimum. Not only is sugar loaded with calories, it doesn’t contain any enzymes, vitamins, or minerals. Further, sugar depletes the minerals in your body and is linked to diabetes, heart disease, and cancer.

Now you know that you dont have to give up the snacking habit to eat a healthy diet. In fact, a truly healthy diet will almost certainly include snacks every few hours. Eat whole, unprocessed foods as much as possible, but inevitably there will be times when you do not have whole foods on hand. When those times come, be sure that you have a good supplement such as Profect (from Protica) on hand. Your body loves lean sources of digestible protein, and protein shots such as Profect are one of the best ways to get those kinds of nutrients into your system quickly and satisfy your hunger until your next meal. Visit for more.

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