How it Works



A deal when you see one that you want to partake in.



The deal with friends, family, and social media networks.


Treat Yourself

In your favorite local places and ativities.
1.Every day, you’ll find one amazingly fantastic  deal featured on our site. We have an enormous  variety of local retail businesses in line, whose products may be anything from a sushi dinner to a Beauty Makover in a top Salon, at their best discounts possible. These discounts can save you 50-90% off your favourite restaurants, spas, activities, events and more!!

2.For the deal to be on, we have to sell a minimum number of vouchers. To hit that number, we have to spread the word together! Facebook it! Tweet about it! Hang out at the office cofee machine  and tell everyone you see about that deal you’re after. Once the word spreads, everybody will be visiting Koupons to take advantage of the coolest deals in town!!!
When the minimum number is attained, everybody is a winner !!! Your card is charged and a voucher is sent to you by email. If the minimum number isn’t reached, the deal is off, and there is absolutely no charge to you.

3.Check in each and every day to see what the next amazing deal will be!!

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