MOT Car Service

Each year, every car on the road over three years old has to undergo a Ministry of Transport (MOT) test to ensure that it meets the minimum road safety and environmental standards. This is a legal requirement that has to be carried out at an MOT approved garage, by a trained professional.

Modern cars are loaded with safety features. In addition to air bags and seat belts, autos also have complex braking systems. The horn is necessary for alerting other drivers to your presence, and locking doors keep passengers safe. Lights create better visibility, as well as making you more visible to other drivers. These features and more are examined to ensure that your auto is still safe for driving on the roads. Regular car servicing will help you keep your auto safe and prepare for the required MOT test.

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Mot checks are a comprehensive examination of the . Inspections include; anti-lock brakes, footbrake, servo assistance system, reserve brake, master cylinder, servo unit, brake pipes, brake discs and drums, tailgates, boot lids, doors, emissions, fuel filler, cape seal, horn control and volume, lights and light alignment. Inspections can also include; indicator lights, rear reflectors, mirrors, number plate lamps, registration plates and vin, seat belts operation and webbing condition, seat security, steering wheel and column, swivel joints, power steering, wheel bearings, front drive shafts, cv joints, suspension, wheels, body integrity and, last but not least, the windscreen.

Annual inspections are required on all vehicles that are more than three years old. The minimum standards for road safety and environmental quality must be met for the vehicle to be allowed on the roads. In addition to autos, other vehicles must also be inspected. These include private buses, light vehicles and motorcycles. Standards vary from one vehicle to another to take into account the year of manufacturer. For example, a 1919 Morris will not be held to the same standards as a 2008 Mercedes.

The MOT check is necessary, and regular car servicing will help your car pass the inspection. These checks are designed for the safety of the autos owners, as well as the safety of other people on the roads. Regular car servicing will keep your top working order for safety as well as comfort. Only MOT testers are allowed to test and approve a vehicle, but regular servicing of your car can help you catch potential problems before you undergo the inspection. Having issues repaired before going in for the test will save you time and frustration. It will also help you stay safer when driving. Schedule your car servicing today so you can drive knowing your auto is safe and go for the MOT knowing your vehicle will pass without any issues.

All results of MOT tests are now held on a central database so as soon as your car passes or fails its tests the results will be uploaded to this database. The certificate you receive if your car passes acts as a receipt but only this database shows the results from the MOT and the certificate does not act as proof.

We are sure that wherever you live, Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh or elsewhere we will have suitable venue arrangements for you.

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