Personalised Canvas Prints

Got a special occasion coming up…? A wedding, a ‘special’ birthday celebration, an anniversary? Have you thought of capturing those special moments for ever as high quality canvas prints….? For your self as a reminder of a treasured moment, or for a gift, a canvas picture would be a truly original and thoughtful gesture.

Canvas prints can be bespoke sizes to suit your individual needs, colour canvas prints, or black and white canvas prints, the choice is yours and the choice is endless…or as endless as your imagination…so let your imagination run away with you and capture it forever on a canvas print.

Perhaps you have several favourite photographs and you can’t choose which one…it is frustrating, isn’t it…following a wedding just how long does it take to choose ‘the picture for the wall”. That picture will be there for many years to come, so it has to be the right one, then how about a collage or montage canvas print. Why limit yourself to just one, when you could have all your best shots displayed proudly on your wall as a canvas collage or montage, and what a wonderful and unique gift it would make as a gift for the happy couples first anniversary, and, of course, as we all know, it won’t stop there will it….first anniversary, first house, first patter of tiny feet, baby’s first birthday, first day at school, graduation day, 21st…! Your family history captured on canvas prints. Imagine a canvas print of your newborn children, tiny hands and feet, they grow so fast don’t they, transfer such photographs to canvas prints and you’ll be able to coo over them for years to come…or at least until the next patter of tiny feet…and then you can start all over again…!

Digital photography adds the option of making the best of your photographs; they can be enhanced and altered.!), brighten the colours, change a colour photograph to a black and white canvas print, add artistic effects, whatever your choice the result will be a stunning, unique and inspirational gift to be treasured for ever.

The use of good quality canvas in any type of canvas print is critical. Natural canvas has a deep textured effect and the inks used in printing take to the canvas especially well. This not only means that you enjoy greater initial results when the picture is first printed but it also means that the canvas print is more likely to last for years to come than if it were to use inferior quality canvas. Great quality canvas really is important when choosing cool birthday gifts.

Never be stuck again for ‘knowing what to buy’. What about those people we all know who seem to have everything…they’re so hard to buy for aren’t they…a canvas print is an ideal solution and would be greatly appreciated, and most likely unexpected, and the unexpected gifts are always the ones we like the most.

Canvas prints, box canvas, stretch canvas, canvas wall art…whatever you call them canvas prints are an ideal choice for a wide variety of occasions. Advancement in technology has lead to an increase in the quality of both the printing and the colour fastness and a knock on effect has been reduced costs, so the prices will surprise you. So for a truly original gift look no further – don’t leave your favourite photographs on discs, memory sticks, computers, or even curling up in your attic – canvas prints could be the solution you’re looking for.

Canvas prints make cool birthday gifts for any recipient and for any birthday. In fact, they are great as anniversary, wedding, and even engagement presents. They can be given to Mum, Dad, brother, sister, friend or colleague. Choose the right picture and you can give cool birthday gifts like canvas prints to anybody.

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