Refer a Friend and Earn £££

Refer a Friend reward credits, how do they work? Do you want to surprise your friends with unbelievable deals in Leeds and the rest of UK while earning a quick buck at the same time? We reward you with £5.00 of credit for every new customer that you’ve invited to sign up that buys a deal. You can use this credit (or multiple credits) with any Koupons purchase.

Why should I recommend a friend? The more Koupons subscribers there are, the better the deal that we can achieve with our merchants. Therefore you should invite as many of your friends as possible, so that you have the best chance of getting a great deal! Every time someone you have recommended buys their first deal, we will reward you with £5.00 credit.

How can I recommend a friend to Koupons ? It’s easy! but if you’re not already registered you’ll need to do that first (it’s free!) so we know who you are.

Click the ‘Refer a friend’ link at the top of our website and fill in the simple form.

I haven’t received my reward credit!
Your friend needs to create an account for the first time and have purchased their first deal . Your reward will appear as “delayed”: if after seven days the deal they bought has not been cancelled or withdrawn, and your friend’s payment went through successfully, we will credit your account with £5, and your next deal will cost £5 less!

When do I receive my reward credit! Your reward will appear in your account as soon as your friends create an account and purchase their first deal.

How can I spend my credit? You can use your credit on any Koupons deal – it can be redeemed on the payment page. If your credit is worth more than the price of the deal because you have been recommending lots of friends, then you get the whole deal free and whatever is left over can be redeemed on your next deal. So be sure to tick the box to use your credit when you checkout.

So… start referring friends today and start earning !!!