Rounds of Golf

You had a hard week at work and have been looking forward to playing golf over the weekend .Ready to go,there is a checklist of items that you should go through before to leaving your house.

Most importantly, check the weather conditions to make sure that you will be dressed suitably and bring any additional items that will make you more comfortable should the weather change. For a day that is forecasted to be clear and comfortable, you should consider wearing a collared shirt and cotton knit trousers.

Some players may choose to wear walking shorts if they are allowed by the club.

There are many local locations where you can enjoy your Rounds OF Golf that wont be too difficult to get to.

We are sure that wherever you live, Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh or elsewhere we will have a suitable venue nearby

Some sort of hat is always a very good idea to protect the player’s head from the sun, and golfers should always wear sunscreen. On a day when rain is anticipated, an umbrella and rainwear is desirable. I always have a windbreaker and umbrella on hand.

In addition to your golf clubs, balls and shoes, there are several things that you should consider including in your bag. They include a golf towel to wipe away sweat or mud, a rain suit or jacket that is waterproof, an extra pair of socks and a snack or drink to keep you hydrated. In rainy conditions, I like to take an extra towel, especially if I plan to use a golf cart.

Now that you have the things you need to spend four plus hours on the golf course, what should you do once you get there? It is recommended that you arrive at least one hour prior to the start of your round to prepare and practice.

Upon arriving, head to the pro shop to check in, pay for your round of golf, get your golf cart key, and buy any other items you may need for your round. Normally, you can purchase a bucket of golf balls to warm up at the practice range before teeing off.

Most golfers spend 20-30 minutes hitting golf balls before their round. I like to arrive even earlier, usually 30-45 minutes before my round. It is recommended that after stretching your muscles, you hit 5-8 shots with each club, beginning with the pitching wedge and leading up to the driver.

After hitting a bucket of balls, you should move to the practice green to work on your putting. Take three balls and practice work on three similar putts from various spots on the practice green. You should bring your warm-up routine to an end about ten minutes before your tee time. Use this time to go to the toilet, buy or fill up your water bottle and check in with the golf course starter.

The starter is responsible for maintaining the tee times on the course and will let you know how much time you may have to wait. Use the remaining time to take care of any last minute preparation including getting a few balls out and placing tees in your pocket. And don’t forget to enjoy your round of golf.

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We are sure that wherever you live, Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh or elsewhere we will have suitable Golf course venue arrangements for you.

We hope that you will enjoy your Rounds OF Golf and come back to our site again soon