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You too can learn to teach English, on a computer?! Yes, that’s right: with just a computer, the right online TEFL course and a liitle effort, you can get the industry standard of 120 hours of TEFL training. “But just how does that work?” you ask. Well, our TEFL tutors have been teaching overseas for years, and they’ve put together a most practical course that’ll keep you engaged with it from the first moment to the last.

There are many local locations where you can enjoy your TEFL Course that wont be too difficult to get to.

We are sure that wherever you live, Leeds, Manchester, London, Birmingham, Sheffield, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh or elsewhere we will have a suitable venue nearby.

No preparation necessary

All you need do, to get started on an online course is a computer: no textbooks need to be bought, no pre-reading is needed, and no extra equipment is necessary. The only preparation we’d recommend is to make sure your mindset is right, especially if you want to get the course done quickly.

Practical activities

You don’t need to sit in a classroom to become a TEFL teacher. Yes, online TEFL courses will teach you the essential concepts of the English language, such as grammar, that every teacher needs to know. On most modules you’ll see a recurring theme of – “How to teach”. You’ll also learn fun activities that cover everything from using a whiteboard appropriately, to recreating popular game shows that’ll get your students excited about learning English.

Expert support

On thing you can be sure of with an online TEFL course is that you’ll get all the expert support that you need to get you through your course. If you have any questions at all, you can use the TEFL Helpdesk, who are usually able to help you out. If they are unable to help you, they’ll forward your question onto one of the many expert TEFL tutors. After each module, you’ll need to complete a short written assignment which you will get detailed feedback from your tutor, so you know where you can improve for next time!

Watch and learn from the experts

Learning from the experts who are already teaching English abroad is one of the best ways to pick up new skills! You can do just this with a video practice module, as you’ll get to see experienced TEFL teachers actually teaching and consolidate all of the new skills that you’ve learnt.

Included usually is the Grammar Awareness Model .which lays English grammar out in a simple-to-understand format; so you can teach even the trickiest of grammar concepts with total confidence.

This gives you fantastic videos with following questions, helping you to get inspired and pick up new skills that you can use in your very own classroom.

Extra resources

You’ll be given all the information you need to be able to pass each module, but that’s not all you get .You’ll be offered loads of extra resources and we will point you towards some really good websites and books to help you further your knowledge on things like classroom management, correcting your student’s errors and all the other skills that are important to make a successful TEFL teacher. Plus with courses you’ll get access to a database of many job contacts, to make finding a TEFL job that little bit easier!

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